Mission Statement

HOWL! Festival - Low Life 2007
VANGELINE THEATER performs at LOW LIFE @ HOWL! 2007. Photo by Joshua Weiner.

The purpose of Howl Arts Inc.

is to perpetuate, coordinate and support the arts and creative industries with exhibitions and documentation. We aim to improve the daily lives of artists and members of the creative community and to enhance and create opportunities for artists in the production of their work.

The Howl! Festival uses poetry, music, dance, theater, fine art, popular culture, in fact all means of artistic expression and new technologies to engage and incite people to connect with the arts. We give young people and the public the tools to join in the creative process and take action to experience first hand the high value of a creative life.

The public objective is to provide access to the arts for individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford access to the arts. Howl Arts Inc. produces all HOWL! endeavors including HOWL! Festival and HOWL! Arts Project.