HOWL! Arts Inc.

HOWL! Arts showcases the rich artistic diversity of the East Village.

Inspired by the late poet–philosopher Allen Ginsberg – a lifelong spokesperson for peace, justice, and freedom of expression – HOWL! Arts Inc. the umbrella for all things HOWL!, exemplifies the uninhibited, spirited, iconoclastic, and irreverent embrace of poet Allen Ginsberg's artistic invention. HOWL! Arts claims this legacy – as home to "the best minds" of successive generations – to inspire and galvanize new artists and audiences.

Presenting poetry, music, dance, theater, fine art, and intersections of popular culture, new technologies and artistic expression that defy easy categorization, everything HOWL! engages and incites people to connect with the arts.

The HOWL! imprimatur aspires to give the public, both young and old, the tools to join in the creative process and to experience first hand the high value of a creative life, the heritage of social history and the quality of contemporary culture which are the signatures of this vital community.

HOWL! Arts, the umbrella company for HOWL! Festival and HOWL! Arts Project, embraces the entire downtown community whose original perspectives have altered the landscape of fashion, art, music, theater, poetry and dance worldwide.